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Wireless Charger With Alarm Cl...



[Multifunctional] It has not only charging function, but also alarm clock, clock and bedside lamp function. It is very practical.
[Foldable] Which can be folded or deployed according to your needs, intimate and convenient.
[Multiple Protection Design] There are multiple protection mechanisms, such as short circuit protection design, over-voltage protection and temperature protection. The charging process is efficient and safe.
[Anti-Skid Design] The bottom is a silica gel anti-skid pad to prevent sliding.
[Two Charging Modes] It support wireless charging function, as long as the mobile phone with wireless charging function can use our wireless charger to charge, but also through the USB cable to charge the mobile phone, it is very convenient and fast..


  • Material : ABS, Acrylic, Silicon
  • Color : Black
  • Interface : USB
  • Input : 9V/1/67A
  • Output : 10W
  • Charging current : 3000mA
  • Features : Foldable Wireless Charger: Our wireless charger can be folded so that you can charge your phone in different locations, ie down, sideways or vertical.
    Wide Applicability: It can be used as a telephone station for information inspection, video viewing and face-to-face and wake you up. The simple design fits in any home, office or hotel setting. Wireless Charging Technology: For qi-enabled phones and tablets.
    Wide Compatibility: This wireless charger supports wireless charging and wired charging compatible with mobile phones. Built-in USB charging port for charging cable. In order to charge both devices at the same time, a 5V 2A adapter is required.
    User-friendly and Safe: Create a good atmosphere at the bottom of your Home or office. Advanced safety features, short circuit protection! temperature control! Output voltage protection! Output current stabilizer!