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Sometime in 2015, the founder of the company was doing his routine sales and marketing errands in Dubai, and suddenly a noble idea struck him! Why not start an enterprise to cater to an apparent gap that was available in the market? Being a trustworthy, reputable, customer-oriented, and seasoned marketing professional, he naturally had the traits needed in an ideal businessman. And yet, it was the overwhelming support from a group of clients that further spurred the founder’s entreprenual desire. Resultantly, he decided to quit his long-time job, and venture into business. This led to the formation of the company, which has since capitalised on the integrity and honest reputation the owner has built for a very long time. And to date, the founder acknowledges the pivotal role that good relations and mutual trust have played in the formation and subsequent growth of his enterprise. The UAE market was yearning for quality corporate gift products. These products are supposed to meet the standard expected of Dubai, which is highly regarded as a global leader for branding, advertising, marketing, and public relations initiatives. Sigh Art always reliably goes the extra mile in the provision of outstanding customer service, and it always leaves behind contented clients with every business transaction completed.

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We provide unique and quality corporate gift solutions to suit every occasion. The organisation has a stunning range of products that can leave a long-lasting impression on clients due to their remarkable quality and distinction. From general gifts to branded ones, Sign Art offers a one stop solution for any type of corporate handouts. The company appreciates the desire for most organisations to build a mutual relationship with their stakeholders through acts of gratitude.With that in mind, there are countless brilliant ideas that are meant to satisfy individual client’s needs. Part of Sign Art’s product line includes shopping bags, flash drives, exhibition bags,mugs, promotional pens, note pads, diaries, flags, calendars, and many more..


To offer an unparalleled level of service, marked by quality work and an exceptionally fulfilling customer experience, with the aid of our carefully chosen products.


We aim to build a trustworthy and reputable business, that completely satisfies the market through the provision of a service that surpasses customer expectations every time.